LES CHANSONS PAR EPISODES : Voici la liste de tous les titres et leur interprètes des chansons qu'on a pu entendre dans la série.
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Épisode 1 : Le voile est levé

Feel This- Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation
Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love- Coldplay
Town Where You Belong- Earlimart
Look At You- My Morning Jacket
Highly Suspicious- My Morning Jacket
In The Ayer- Flo Rida feat Will.I.Am
Hot Stuff- Torrey DeVitto (Donna Summer)
Burning Love- Elvis Presley
I Should Be Lost Without You- David Condos
Poke- Frightened Rabbit
Violet Hill- Coldplay

Épisode 2 : Coup du sort

Forevermore- Katie Herzig
Shameless- The Fratellis
How Do You Dream- 9 Ball
Changin- Vince Vaccaro
Left Alone- Vince Vaccaro
When You Are Near- Carolina Liar
Face Down In The Right Town- Earlimart

Épisode 3 : Unis dans l'épreuve

A Brittle Filament- The One AM Radio
Some Streets Lead Nowhere- Matthew Ryan
Feels Like Letting Go- Matthew Perryman Jones
Small Things- The Audreys
Shine Your Light On Us- Robbie Seay Band
Memories (All We Need)- The Sequel
Further To Fall- Dan Craig
Quiet In My Town- Civil Twilight

Épisode 4 : D'une rive à l'autre

Paris- La Rocca
Mick In My Studio- John Doe
More Than Life- Whitley
Matinee- Hurts to Purr
A Children’s Crusade On Acid- Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s
Said and Done- Meiko
This Is Your Life- Low vs. Diamond
Scream- Chris Cornell

Épisode 5 : Une page se tourne

How Would You Like It- Jem
Moving Ground- Mezzanine Owls
Heartbeat- Adios Control
Orphans- Jack’s Mannequin
Running Down- Michelle Featherstone
They Bring Me To You- Joshua Radin
Capsule- Turin Brakes
Alison- Elvis Costello
No Envy, No Fear- Joshua Radin
If I Am A Stranger- Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

Épisode 6 : Inventer sa vie

Half Speed- La Rocca
Dreamers- Jack Savoretti
Baby Doll- The Fratellis
Good Arms vs. Bad Arms- Frightented Rabbit
Who Ya Think Ya Are- Bosshouse
It Ends Here- Matt Pryor
Storm- Adrianne
Quiet Times- Dido
They Bring Me To You- Joshua Radin
Hearts In Pain- Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers

Épisode 7 : Même pas cap

Long Gone- Chris Cornell
Psychotic Girl- The Black Keys
Ah Mary- Grace Potter
When The Stars Go Blue- Grace Potter
Pa’bailar- Bajofondo
Fascination Street- The Cure
Bethlehem- Hopewell
Gypsy Queen- Kristin Diable
Dreamer- Uh Huh Her
Standing Still- Buddahead
I Want Something That I Want- Grace Potter & Bethany Joy Galeotti

Épisode 8 : Arrête ton cinéma

Watch Out- Chris Cornell
Let’s Dance To Joy Division- The Wombats
Simple Life- Carolina Liar
The Last Post- Extreme Music
An Ordinary Life- The Temporary Thing
When The World Stops Turning- Matt Pryor
My Only Offer- Mates of State
Boys Will Be Out For A Fight- The Filthy Souls
Stop!- Against Me!
Stay Down- The Smoking Popes
Sheets- Damien Jurado

Episode 9 : Mauvais exemple

Can You Tell- Ra Ra Riot
You’ve Got Growin’ Up To Do- Joshua Radin feat. Patty Griffin
It Is Best To Keep It All Inside- Johnathan Rice
I Don’t Live In A Dream- Jackie Greene
Leaving You- Corey Crowder
Can’t Go Back Now- The Weepies
Love Song For The Schuba’s Bartender- Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s
Ugly- Max Boogie Overdrive
An Ordinary Life- Juice Monkey
Soul Waver- Malika Ayane
It Means Nothing- Stereophonics

Épisode 10 : Jalousie... jalousie

Just Because- Earlimart
Constantly- Molly Marlette
Hello Vagina- Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s
World In Flight- Enation
All Things You Know- Blue Judy
Feel This- Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation
You Can’t Break A Broken Heart- Kate Voegele
Suburban Bliss- Edith Backlund
Secret Crowds- Angels & Airwaves
Lifeline- Angels & Airwaves

Épisode 11 : Sur un air de jazz

As Time Goes By- Herman Hupfeld
Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)
Karen’s Cafe (Hotel Cafe)- Bethany Joy Galeotti (Everly)
I Know- Meaghan Smith
Brash Cash- APM Music
Midnight Serenade- APM Music
Scheming Star- Bethany Joy Galeotti (Everly)
Unless- St. Lola In The Fields
Smokey Joe’s- APM
Mrs. Scott- Bethany Joy Galeotti (Everly)
Don’t Say- St. Lola In The Fields

Épisode 12 : De surprises en surprises

The Lucky Ones- Patrick Park
Happy Twist- Elisabeth Yndestad
Light Catches Your Face- Bell X1
(Don’t You) Forget About Me- Simple Minds
Anthem- Born In The Flood
A Hero’s Welcome- Master Source
First Noel- Jamie (Jackson Brundage)
Cha Cha (Be My New Boyfriend)- The Spider Problem
(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady- Oasis
Snake Charmer- Madison
A Falling Through- Ray LaMontagne
What Have We Got To Lose- Aron Wright
Devil In Me- Kate Voegele

Épisode 13 : L'annonce faite à Lucas

Neon Sky- Starsailor
Hawaii- Meiko
Paper Kite- Damien Jurado
Into Your Soft Heart- Everest
I Don’t Feel It Anymore- William Fitzsimmons
Backwards Walk- Frightened Rabbit
Been A Long Day- Rosi Golan

Épisode 14 : Tous au rendez-vous

Sincerely Hope It’s You- Edith Backlund
Manhattan From the Sky- Kate Voegele
Miss- Tim Hanauer
Finally- CeCe Peniston
Perfect Games- The Broken West
Can’t You Hear Me Growl- Bosshouse
Bust A Move- Young MC
Frankenstein’s Niece B- APM Music
Tell Me Something- APM
In Debt To The Heart- Born In The Flood
Greatest Love Of All- Cullen Moss & Vaughn Wilson (George Benson; Whitney Houston)
Behind Your Eyes- Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)
Dear You- Josh Auer
Hazy- Rosi Golan

Épisode 15 : Une page se tourne

The Nature Of Reality- Oasis Spiralling- Keane
Destiny- Minnutes
Stuck In The Backseat- The Noises 10
When The World Ends- The Bittersweets
Manhattan From the Sky- Kate Voegele
More To Love- Minnutes
Ulysees- Franz Ferdinand
Jazz Magic- Carlin / APM Music
Once When I Was Little- James Morrison

Épisode 16 : Confusion d'identité

What’s So Bad (About Feeling Good)- Ben Lee
Let You Down- Tin Star Orphans
Snow Globe- Mezzanine Owls
Let’s See What Happens- The Breakups
Man Made Lake- Calexico
So Please- Starlume
Natural Disaster- Andrew Bird
You Found Me- The Fray

Épisode 17 : 5 couples, 5 histoires

Sea Song- Lisa Hannigan
One Of Those Days- Joshua Radin
After Afterall- William Fitzsimmons
Are You Lightning- Nada Surf
Low- Josh Auer
Lost Forever- Guggenheim Grotto
A Piece For You- Meaghan Smith
Save A Place- 1969 feat. Butch Walker

Épisode 18 : Contre mauvaise fortune

Manhattan From the Sky- Kate Voegele
Devil’s Got My Soul- Gone City
Le Fantasy- Minnutes
Love Is The End- Keane
On My Own- Trigger Code
Easy To Love- Sons of William
Stinger- Razorlight
Glass- Gavin DeGraw
Little Tornado- Aimee Mann
Never Say Never- The Fray

Episode 19 : Entretien et réparation

Thinking Of You- Pete Yorn
Today’s Another Nation- The Red West
I Don’t Care- Fall Out Boy
Underneath My Skin- Stella Project
Deadliest Weapon- Nik Frost
4321- Manafest
Found- Phillip LaRue
Where Love Went Wrong- Augustana
Harley Sunday- Kate York
Save You- Matthew Perryman Jones

Épisode 20 : Pour son bien

I Came Around- Amie Miriello
Killer B- Low vs. Diamond
Bonfire- Spacebar
My Favorite Song- Skyler Stonestreet
I Can Fell A Hot One- Manchester Orchestra
The Look- Color Of Clouds
As Much As You Lead- Lex Land
Angel- Kate Voegele

Épisode 21 : Souvenir de toi

Cartoons and Forever Plans- Maria Taylor feat. Michael Stipe
99 Times- Kate Voegele
On The Wing- Owl City
Black Hole- The Aeroplanes
Never Get Enough- Honeypie
Our Own Time- Joey DeGraw
Make Things Right- Sara Rumar
A Lack Of Armor- Jesse Ruben
Turn Me Loose- Loverboy
Shake It- John John
Iron Man- Nico Vega
On Our Way- Scott Creswell
Anyone Night Stand- The Sleeping
All In My Head- Nick Lachey
All Broken Hearts- Tyrone Wells
Pictures of You- The Cure

Épisode 22 : Encore une chance

Lift Me Up- Kate Voegele
Angel- Mark Geary
Amelia- Matthew Perryman Jones
Everything I Want- Matt Pelham
She is Love- Parachute
Foreign Room- Telekinesis!
I Don’t Know- Shelly Fraley
Long Time Nothing New- Pete Yorn

Épisode 23 : Maintenant et pour toujours ?

Like You Do- Angel Taylor
Innocent- Aidan Hawken
Broken Voices- Ari Hest
Barcarolle From String Quartet in D Minor- Carlin / APM Music
Here Comes The Bride- Extreme Music
I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You- Ingrid Michaelson
All In My Head- Nick Lachey
99 Times- Kate Voegele
I Can’t Fix Us Two- Katie Costello
Sweet Silver Lining- Kate Voegele
Rains Here Too- Kate York
Wedding Dress- Matt Nathanson

Épisode 24 : Nos vies rêvées

War Sweater- Wakey! Wakey!
Safe At Home- Starsailor
Murderous Air- Tim Williams
Come Around- Rosi Golan
Roll Your Windows Down- Casey Shea
Days Like This- Kim Taylor
Inside Out- Kate Voegele
Hallelujah- Gin Wigmore
Begin You- Kate York
Can’t You See- The Marshall Tucker Band




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